A workshop

passionate and demanding

«Our carpenters work out of passion, for the pleasure of doing well, in the sense of details, always in search of perfection».

Atelier de menuiserie passioné et exigeant

Each project has its particularity and complexity. Finesse and patience are the essential qualities of the carpenter-cabinetmaker. Careful work is required at all stages of manufacturing as every detail counts.

Atelier de

With years of solid experience, we have already carried out a range of different projects for our customers.

Thanks to our very extensive skills we can provide work of unmatched quality, guaranteeing you perfect finishing touches combining design, top-quality products, refinement and a modern, aesthetic style.

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Our knowledge

Natural wood veneer by hand

Hand tools/ Knitting machine assembly/ Hot pressing
Our workshop is one of the few in the region to have a veneer press. We make our veneers ourselves in order to be able to work an infinite choice of essences, and above all to master and control the design of the veneers: the veneer according to the criteria of cabinet making. Each sheet is selected, cut, joined and pasted according to its final position in the work.
Le placage de bois naturel à la main

Curved & complex parts

Always on the lookout for the latest innovations, we have invested in a 5 axis CNC machining center allowing us to manufacture pieces with complex curves and textures.
It allows us to make molds for bending and shaping of wood and acrylic stone panels such as the Solid Surface Himacs used for worktops and basins.

The processing of solid wood and traditional assemblies

Flow / Corroding / Profiling / Assembly / Finishing
In our workshop, we carry out all the stages of the processing of solid wood, from raw material to processed products. We prefer solid wood from French forests (Burgundy oak, Walnut from Grenoble,.). The woods we work the most are oak, walnut and ash.
L'usinage du bois massif et les assemblages traditionnels

The assembly of the work

All the manufactured parts are assemble to form the final work. The precision of this step is essential, the least mm counts. The good execution of the assembly guarantees the solidity and the final aspect of the project.
For each project we carry out a blank installation in the workshop to check the whole project before its installation at our client’s place.
Le montage de l'ouvrage
Montage à blanc projet bibliotheque en merisier sur mesure