“Our asset: the combination of

design and craftsmanship”

The French-German couple Charlotte & Felix Hegenbart, respectively a designer and a carpenter-cabinetmaker, are passionate about French craftsmanship, and combine their skills on a daily basis to develop your home design project from A to Z, blending aesthetic appeal and practical design with all the qualities of craftsmanship.

Who are we ?

Specialist in custom-made contemporary furnishings, Hegenbart carpentry designs, manufactures and installs high-end custom-made interiors.

Our expertise means we can look at your interior decoration with fresh eyes. First we look at your way of life and analyse your needs in terms of space, furniture and practicality. If need be, we can provide practical refurbishment to better organise the space and give it structure. Then we strive to create intimate family living spaces, surprising and smart designs that will transform your home into a versatile, elegant, contemporary and warm place to be.

In our creations, we highlight wood, worked in all its forms, textured, smooth or openwork. The wood is treated like a painting bringing its warm color and its natural graphics to the fittings. The thread follows, tilts or turns voluntarily but all the details are drawn. We combine wood with other materials, such as brass or chrome, leather, acrylic stone, satin glass or lacquer, to create elegant contrasts.

Designer & Carpenter work hand in hand. Both work out of passion, for the pleasure of doing well wearing extreme care to the finishes and details. The craftsman knows the wood, knows how to choose it, cut it, shape it and assemble it in the rules of the art.
Our works are sustainable, created to accompany you for many years.

The manufacturer’s mark

Our creations are signed Hegenb.art, a guarantee of quality attesting to their uniqueness and an impeccable level of design, manufacture and finishing.

Our customers are talking about us !